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UPL Limited, Japan, was established in August 2000, as a Japanese arm of UPL Limited, an agrochemical manufacturer and distributor headquartered in India with global operations.
Amid increasing concerns for tightening supply-demand balance for food due to a growing world population and increasing income, the demand for agrochemical has been increasing especially in Brazil and India in line with the expectations that agrochemical are likely to play an essential role in improving crop yields, increasing agricultural productivity and helping provide stable supplies of foods.
At the same time, given that the society strongly requires us to provide more safe and secure agrochemical for natural and living environments, UPL Limited, Japan, identifies its primary mission to commit a stable supply of environment-friendly agrochemical.
In keeping with the spirit of “Doing Things Better,” UPL Limited, Japan will commit itself to long-term and stable supplies of high-quality products with enhanced safety and cost-effectiveness, aiming to contribute to agricultural developments as well as protection of public green, forests etc.in Japan.

Osamu Noda